Celebration of Life

Celebrating the lives of our loved ones and saying farewell

Whether you choose to refer to your farewell to your loved one as a Memorial, Celebration of Life Service, Funeral, or a Final Farewell, you, your family and friends are invited to speak to memories of your loved one in a meaningful way. We come together to honor, celebrate, and gain a sense of closure during these celebrations of your loved ones.
These ceremonies may be held at any time, sometimes weeks or even months after your loved ones have passed. In this vulnerable time, you may reflect on how your loved one has lived their life and remember their life in a relaxed and connected ceremony.
The gathering location does not have to be in any specific place; it can be in a Community Centre, Golf Club, or even in a favorite place of your loved one. The gatherings are the most healing and soothing when the personality of your loved one is expressed. Therefore, readings of poems, video presentations, personal stories, pictures, and personal objects that reflect the relationship with the deceased are welcome additions to the service.

For personalized and individualized services to reflect the personality and life-style of your loved one, please contact us to arrange a meeting with the family.

Reverend Monika is available by phone and email to begin this process with you.

NB: Cost for this service is usually arranged through the Funeral Home and is paid out of the estate.

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