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Monika was born in Germany. Her life path led her to Canada and it was the biggest, most courageous thing she had ever done in her life. She thought to spend a year in a different European country, just to gain experience, but Canada, wow, that meant a leap over the ocean.
Here in Canada, she learned a freedom never known to her ever before. Funny thing, her life continued as she had learned, and she slowly became aware that she had to change something. She attended a smoking cessation program, offered at the Foothills Hospital and this act led her to a psychologist, from single visits to group therapy, and then she met the love of her life. When life is good, events happen that make it even better.

Monika was searching for a deeper connection with life when she found the Centre for Spiritual Living. She learned about spiritual connection, the journey from head to heart, which Monika embraced wholeheartedly. Throughout the classes, exercises, workshops and by applying what she learned to her life, she discovered that she was and continues to be worthy of so much more. This teaching of self-love and self-worth was so amazing that she became a practitioner and in 2014 she graduated as a Minister.

Today, as an ordained Minister, Monika has nothing but gratitude for her past. All events moved her to where she is today. A loving individual who loves connecting with people on a very deep level, Reverend Monika is a woman of substance, strength, insight, joy, love, compassion, and power. She sees the pure potential of the person in front of her, she sees their heart, and she sees their wholeness.
Reverend Monika is committed to creating an atmosphere of love and meaning in her heartwarming celebrations. Monika makes it her mission to celebrate love in all aspects of life, because Love is really all there is.

A s Rev. Moni says, “Live and let love.”


We treasure authentic relationships and create memorable experiences, through meaningful, heartwarming ceremonies and sacred services. We provide these services in Calgary and the surrounding areas for individuals who are open and willing to explore their spiritual magnificence.


We use spiritual principles, such as, there is only Love and we are One, to inspire and transform the hearts and minds of humanity. We contribute significantly to bringing love, harmony, peace and abundance to all people everywhere, regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or physical conditions.

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